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DAF CF Construction Wins Award


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DAF Trucks Press Release  /  June 12, 2019

‘Best in the market’

The DAF CF Construction series has won the prestigious TOP BAU Truck 2019 award in Slovakia, presented by leading magazine Transport a Logistika. Truck operators and drivers alike named DAF’s sturdy truck series as the best construction vehicles on the Slovakian market thanks to its robustness, high payloads, low operating costs, powerful drive trains and excellent driver-friendliness.

“The high quality DAF CF Construction series is the Slovakian customer’s choice as it meets all requirements of modern business operations and offers great comfort to the driver at the same time”, said Viliam Bujna, CEO of LUXUR Media and publisher of Transport a Logistika magazine. “The range of DAF’s robust construction trucks offer the highest payloads in the market at the lowest operating costs.”

“In addition, the state-of-the-art and powerful engines are in perfect harmony with the TraXon automated gearboxes and the wide range of DAF-in-house developed axles”, stated Bujna. “That guarantees industry leading on- and off-road capabilities. The CF Construction trucks simply are remarkable construction vehicles. And the drivers will agree, as the trucks offer class leading comfort, comparable to long haulage trucks.”

An award to make us proud

“We are truly proud to receive the TOP BAU TRUCK 2019 award”, added Richard Zink, Director Marketing & Sales and Member of the Board of Management at DAF Trucks. “The accolade is a valuable recognition from a comprehensive group of Slovakian experts. Moreover, the award underlines that our rigid and construction trucks are of the same high level of our award winning tractors: highly efficient, unmatched  reliable and extremely comfortable.”  

DAF expands range for construction sector

In order to further expand its reputation for offering the ideal truck for every application, DAF has recently expanded its product portfolio to include a number of new vehicle configurations, including an 8x4 ‘tridem’ rigid with double-drive tandem and steered trailing rear axle. The Dutch truck manufacturer has also introduced a 10-tonne front axle and a completely new 7.5-tonne non-steered trailing axle to extend its product portfolio.


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