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Oshkosh S-Series Concrete Mixer Updated & Improved


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Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT)  /  June 6. 2019

McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing, Inc. has taken the Oshkosh S-Series front discharge concrete mixer and improved it with an array of new features and technologies that pay off with better visibility, increased hauling capability, and a tighter turning radius, according to the company.
“Our S-Series has always been known for strength, stability and reliability;” said Christopher Yakes, vice president of Corporate Engineering and General Manager, S-Series Business. “We’re excited to continue to enhance the total cost of ownership for our customers with this latest introduction.”
The reimagined Oshkosh S-Series backed by McNeilus was introduced by Yakes at the company’s Innovation Day.

The new S-Series features enhanced cab visibility and accessibility. Oshkosh engineering teams conducted multiple visibility studies that resulted in a design that maximizes the view and enhances operator assurance. A larger cab allows for easy in and out, with improved ergonomics and more accessible electrical systems.

Proprietary FLEX Controls work to increase the life of the concrete mixer. The controls help improve concrete mix and efficiency with consistent loading, mixing, and pouring. Additionally, programmable settings help reduce operating inconsistencies.

A focus on adjusting the trucks for easier steering benefits drivers by reducing fatigue and increasign comfort while the front axle features field-proven Oshkosh Defense military components to provide maximum durability. The lighter truck also provides more payload capability, to allow for more concrete per load and decreases the number of trips.


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