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Bakers SA goes green as it buys 77 Euro V trucks from Daimler


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Engineering News  /  March 27, 2019

In one of its largest fleet deals concluded to date, Daimler Trucks & Buses Southern Africa (DTBSA) has handed over 77 Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks to Bakers South Africa (SA), an independently owned transport and logistics services company, based in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal.

“This is one of the biggest orders that we have concluded with Mercedes-Benz Trucks and, as in the past, we are sure that we will reap the benefits, especially with the latest Actros Euro V,” says Bakers SA chairperson Abdul Tayob.

In an unprecedented move for the local market, all 77 trucks are Euro V emission standard.

The new Actros Euro V reduces harmful nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions by up to 90% in comparison with Euro II engines, which are the norm on South African trucks.

As the amount of carbon dioxide (C02) emitted is directly related to the amount of diesel burnt, the global average fuel saving of up to 7% on the Euro V Actros also means that CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 7%.

The only requirement is that 50 ppm low sulphur diesel is used. This is needed both technically for the vehicles and to meet the promised emission target.

This clean fuel is not yet available all across South Africa, but is starting to roll out progressively, even if the legal standard remains Euro II.

“More attention to the environmental and safety standards is becoming the norm. These aspects are, therefore, becoming increasingly important to us. As well as having a bearing on a company's image, they have tangible economic benefits,” notes Tayob.

“There are a number of advantages that persuaded us to purchase only Euro V Actros. From a technical side, the trucks’ reliability, improved safety and low fuel consumption meant this was the best choice we could make.”

Bakers SA’s fleet has comprised 99% Mercedes-Benz trucks since its inception in the seventies.


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