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Engine fan is consistently running


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Hello guys I had a bad fan clutch , and I replaced today ,but I went and tried to be a pro and installed an override fan switch . I hook up the hot (power wire) just before the fan solenoid valve and a ground from the frame . I by an accident let the ground and the hot wire touch each other ,and my fan is stuck running now I can’t get it to stop . I checked that hot wire for power with a test light and it doesn’t have power at it . I followed my checking with my light test tool , and I have power everywhere ( ac high and low pressure switches ) all have power  except  The coolant temperature sensor that attached to the over flow tank and the  Engine fan solenoid valve don’t have power in the wires . WHERE IS THE RELAY fan  solenoid valve wires ? If there is any ? Btw (I checked that 15 amps fuse for the fan clutch and it’s not blown ) so idk where would I find that relay for the solenoid valve , so I can get the fan to stop from running everytime the truck is on . Btw I have an AI460 2006 chn613 Mack (the green engine ) 

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If air fan clutch. You should have 12 volts going to the fan clutch solenoid straight from the fuse box. The other wire ( ground) goes to the engine ecm. The engine ecm makes the ground internally to disengage the fan clutch. When the engine ecm sees hight coolant temp , high AC head pressure or high intake temp it opens the circuit ( takes away the ground ) and the fan clutch engages.  

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