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oil Leaking from exhaust manifold CL713

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Hello folks:

I have a 99 CL713 with the E7460. About 6 months ago, we had to replace the exhaust manifold gaskets on it. The studs for cylinder #6 did not come out easy. Now, we are starting to notice oil coming out from around that bottom stud that holds the manifold against cylinder #6 and you can smell hot oil when it is running. Is this because we messed things up when removing/replacing that stud? or is it just a coincidence and there is something else going on with the cylinder head/valves? Does anyone know what the best way to approach the repair would be? Is this a common problem?  Thanks,


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Remove the all  bottom studs and Clean the threads put pipe sealant on them and re install em they are open to the the push tube area on the back side!

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