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  1. Hello folks: I have a 99 CL713 with the E7460. About 6 months ago, we had to replace the exhaust manifold gaskets on it. The studs for cylinder #6 did not come out easy. Now, we are starting to notice oil coming out from around that bottom stud that holds the manifold against cylinder #6 and you can smell hot oil when it is running. Is this because we messed things up when removing/replacing that stud? or is it just a coincidence and there is something else going on with the cylinder head/valves? Does anyone know what the best way to approach the repair would be? Is this a common problem? Thanks, -Zach
  2. Hello, I am trying to prepare myself for the process of replacing the stand, shaft, bushings, saddles etc, on a '99 CL with 44k camelback. I was hoping that people could give me some insight into this process. I have seen the trunnion stands from Stengel Brothers that supposedly bolt in from underneath. Has anybody used these? what were your thoughts on it? I have heard you have to drill out the holes in the frame a couple of sizes larger to do it, is this true? How about finding the specs for tightening up the new bushings, washers etc on the new shaft? Is this possible to do if you have some time, and have some experience working on trucks but are not a professional suspension person? Any experiences or insight is appreciated. Thanks.
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