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Mercedes offers speedy solution with WorkReady vehicles


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Transport Engineer  /  March 8, 2019

Mercedes-Benz Trucks has launched a range of off-the-shelf pre-bodied rigids and tractor units, cutting delivery times to customers from months to days.

Call WorkReady, the range incorporates both pre-bodied new chassis and Approved Used vehicles, and is aimed at operators who do not have time to acquire a vehicle “in the conventional way”.

Ben Grayson, Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK marketing communications manager, says: “If they’re faced with an urgent business requirement, WorkReady can provide the answer.”

Vehicles available immediately include Actros StreamSpace and BigSpace tractors, as well as Actros1 models with GigaSpace cabs.

A stock of rigids is being pre-bodied for various applications, including 8x4 Arocs construction trucks with Boweld and Thompson tipping bodies, Thompson tipper-grabs and Hyva hookloaders.

There are also box-bodied vehicles, from 26-tonne Actros and Antos variants, through 18-tonne Antos, to 7.5- and 3.5-tonne Fuso Canters.

In addition, the manufacturer is reminding operators that its Approved Used scheme offers a range of vehicles for sale or lease, with funding available from Mercedes-Benz Finance. All used vehicles are under seven years old and have less than 700,000km on the clock; they undergo a full inspection and come with six months’ MOT as minimum, along with a six-month mechanical breakdown insurance.

Grayson adds: “Most customers will continue to order their chassis from the factory, then get them built or converted by a bodybuilder, and one or more other parties. However, given the time these processes take, some operators will be better served by a WorkReady vehicle.

“The significant investments we are making in this programme underline Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ commitment to supporting such customers by ensuring we are always in a position to provide them with the vehicles they need, when they need them.”


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