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Stand alone ecu E7

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Has anyone made an e7 run on a stand alone Ecu? 

I run older MRs as yard trucks to move material on site at a compost site. They work great with the allison transmissions except for the electrical grimlins that come up periodically. 

I would like to run a bare bones ecu and make a custom wire harness to simplify things.  We are stripping these trucks of non essentials. 

Anybody know of an ecu guru that could program one or has anybody used an aftermarket ecu like a megasquirt to run an E7? 



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I have 12 Mack rolloff trucks plus another 4 we use offroad. We usually get the problem fixed within a day or 2. I'm really just looking for a longterm simple solution for the aging wiring harnesses to continue to take advantage of the dirt cheap non emissions chassis that are still on the market. 


We already strip most of the air system and all the light circuits. 

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