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Picked up a Granite this week

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My dad and I picked up a 2007 Granite MP7 405 Tri Axle dump  from auction this week. Truck only has 112k & 6xxx hours. Cab& chassis are in great shape, ox steel body is beat to hell. Curious on everyone's thoughts about the early MP7 engines? What do we need to be aware of? Truck sounds and runs good. Only issues I can find are a minor air leak under cab, and the small gauges on the dash are broken off from the bezel  and have fallen back a little. It has the Mack 10 speed trans.

So far pretty happy with it from what we see. We have owned 3 R models over the years 78,86.& 95 (still have the 95) and they have consistently been the most reliable trucks. Hopefully this Granite will live up to the Mack reputation.



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Took the truck for MD inspection today...In the last few weeks we replaced the flex under the cab, put a muffler on it (it had a straight pipe) changed the front and drop axle tires, fixed the air leaks (2 fittings) 

Outside of inspection items I wired it for an electric salt spreader, installed plow lights, strobes on the rear of the dump bed, beacon light, our welder set it up to hang the spreader on the back, made a box to mount the plow pump on the frame, and installed a steal bumper to hold the plow frame. Also ran a new CB coax through the dash/door and put to the mirror bracket. Oh, and apparently NY spec keeps the drop axle switch on the outside of the truck?! Had to relocate the switch to the dash. It’s a steerable axle however need to control it from in the cab.

After all that inspection found left  turn signal on the driver side under the cab not working (dad says it was when he checked) they say it has a crack in the windshield which baffles me because I had my head all up in the dash taking it apart to run the CB coax, and the kicker- they say the manifold is leaking on the back cylinder. I have not seen it but dad says it’s extremely minor. I did note how far back into the cab this engine sits compared to our RD. Does anyone have thoughts on how bad of a job it is to change manifold gaskets on an early MP7?

Appreciate any info!

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Exhaust manifold? Not sure how the mp7 is set up, but on our old e6 motors we just loosen the exhaust manifold nuts and on the new gaskets we cut out the bottom  of the bolt holes so they're a horseshoe instead of a full hole. We scrape out the old gaskets as best we can, then drop the new modified gaskets in, all without having to remove exhaust manifold. 

Manifold gaskets for our e6 engines have a metal layer, a pair of dykes or sheet metal shears works well to cut through.

When we bought our e7 350, we had an exhaust manifold leak. Manifold itself had rusted at the gasket surface. Had to take it off and use cast iron welding rod to fill the rust area back in/grind it smooth to fix the leak. 

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