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Grundy Excavations ‘on to a winner’ with first DAF 8x4 tippers


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Transport Engineer  /  December 24, 2018

Grundy & Co Excavations has taken delivery of its first DAF 8x4 tippers, after positive performance from a demonstrator vehicle.

Supplied by dealer North West Trucks, the Widnes-based operator’s two new arrivals are CF 450 FAD eight-wheelers and join a mixed tipper fleet.

Owner Kevin Grundy says: “We’ve never had a DAF 8x4 before, but it’s fair to say we were very, very impressed – impressed enough to order two of them, and we certainly haven’t been disappointed.”

A key factor in the decision was the DAF’s low chassis weight, enabling the operator to specify a heavy-duty steel body, from Marshalls Truck Bodies, without any loss of payload.

Fuel performance, too, has been an unexpected bonus. “We’re all finding it hard to believe,” says Grundy. “Even the drivers are talking about it. We have never had heavy tippers that didn’t need refuelling for two and a half days like these two.”

He adds: “When you’re getting around 11mpg on motorway stretches from vehicles doing this type of work, and they’re still bedding in, you know you’re on to a winner.”

The drivers are also enjoying the cab comfort and overall performance, he says: “It makes a big difference to a driver to have a truck that really can do the job without strain, because that allows them to focus on the rest of their work – driving safely, meeting schedules and getting the best performance out of the vehicle.”


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