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Mp8 coolant

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Need to replace the coolant  shut off valve above the coolant filter. Is there a locking ring that holds it in, or is it held in by the o-ring.  Haven't investigated it much and planning to replace it tomorrow. Just asking in advance. Thanks

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I need to do this same exact thing but waiting till warmer weather. I have the replacement kit. 

When I bought it, I had found a great YouTube video on how to replace, give it a search. As I recall, you remove the filter and push the valve out thru the top. 

Let me know how it goes for you! 

Good luck!! 

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I removed the filter, not sure if you really need to but the kit comes with a replacement threaded nipple for the filter to screw onto so i went ahead and removed filter and installed the new nipple.  As far as the shutoff valve, i used a adjustable ladys foot and got it under the roll pin sticking out from the valve and just pryed it up out.  Theres a split locking collar that keeps it held in. On the new one install the oring, then slid the new locking collar over the skinny part of the valve, then install the new roll pin.  I lubed the oring up and the new valve and pushed it into the bore.  I then used a skinny punch and hammer to drive the locking collar into the bore.  Thats pretty much the extent of it.

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