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Freightliner Custom Chassis strengthens lineup


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Trailer-Body Builders  /  December 6, 2018

The Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC) product lineup features three lines of Class 4-8 chassis, including a front engine cowl/cab for S2G commercial trucks and front engine rail chassis for walk-in vans.

The MT Gasoline, MT 45 Series and MT 55 Series chassis provide walk-in van options.

FCCC said the Freightliner S2G custom chassis available for commercial propane truck conversions provides the only fully integrated, factory-installed fuel system with aftermarket support.

The company uses hydraulic disc brakes from Walther EMC.

The 4-millimeter-by-71-mm disc brakes feature a large pad volume for longer replacement intervals, pistons on each side of the rotor that apply force evenly, and linings without a clamp load to minimize drag.

The Walther EMC brakes also feature a corrosion-resistant anti-lock braking system with a steel tone ring that resists heat breakdown. With a “no-flake” microstructure, the ABS teeth maintain integrity in corrosive environments and resist corrosion-induced ABS signal deterioration. 

A Detroit DD5 engine provides up to 11.9 mpg in parcel delivery applications, with an additional 12% fuel economy improvement when used together with Allison Transmission’s FuelSense 2.0

The engine also boasts efficient regeneration of the diesel particulate filter, optional integrated braking with up to 220 bhp, and the Detroit Connect Virtual Technician remote diagnostic system.

Freightliner Custom Chassis last year introduced a line of non-diesel proprietary engines* developed for its chassis, and supported and serviced through its nationwide Freightliner dealer network.

For the 2019 model year, the DriveForce 6.0L* gets a new engine control module with one common diagnostic connector, support for ADAS features that require engine de-torqueing and increased flexibility.

The DriveForce 8.0L engine received several upgrades to address issues with rocker arms, PCV baffle, intake leakage, PTO filtering and reverse torque. 

Other enhancements include updates to the OptiView digital instrument cluster that provides situation-based information, minimizing distraction and optimizing efficiency, ProTek telematics and 24/7 Direct app.


FCCC Unveils DriveForce Gasoline Engine in Louisville

RV Business  /  November 28, 2017

Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. (FCCC) is debuting DriveForce, its new line of proprietary non-diesel engines for the RV market at this week’s National RV Trade Show being held this week in Louisville, Ky.

Developed exclusively for FCCC products, DriveForce will offer more options for dealers, OEMs and end-users, all while being supported and maintained by Freightliner’s nationwide dealer network and 24/7 direct customer service.

According to a press release, the first engine in the DriveForce lineup showcasing in Louisville is the 6.0L gasoline engine. Offering 308hp and 367 lb.-ft. of torque, the first DriveForce engine will power FCCC’s MC chassis and offer a new high-quality, luxury chassis option in the 16,000-19,500 pound GVW product range. In addition, the 6.0L gasoline DriveForce engine will offer end-users increased fuel efficiency of up to 15% compared with current gasoline chassis available on the market.

“We are incredibly excited to share DriveForce with the industry – and to continue to expand the number of world-class chassis products available to our OEM and dealer partners,” explained Gordie Taylor, RV product manager for FCCC. “We know from our extensive market and consumer research that DriveForce meets a growing need and, combined with the MC series, will offer an engine/chassis product unparalleled in its quality, performance and power to a growing segment of the market.”

FCCC’s MC line features high-quality, world-class components intended to reduce maintenance intervals, increase chassis life and enhance the overall ride and handling experience. The MC’s premium WEMC Walther quad-piston hydraulic disc brakes offer commercial-grade braking power and provide five times the brake life compared with standard gasoline-chassis products. In addition, its one-piece frame rail provides superior durability compared to two-piece products currently available while a standard Allison transmission means five times less maintenance costs compared with current gasoline chassis on the RV market. SACHS shocks also help provide an overall premium driving experience.

FCCC expects to have pilot units ready for development by early 2019.

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