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Cure for Cancer

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5 hours ago, Rob said:

Put a LOT of bedsides on that series due to rust under warranty from Ford in the 90's. 

Understood, when the cancer does come it's usually Leukemia. Hence I've been looking hard for the cure. Got this body from Washington State, salt free.

My last 1990 finally became so rusty I had to put an axe handle between the cab and box to pry the rear door jamb forward to engage the lock jaws of the door. It was disbonded and holding on by the roof structure. Needed it for one last road trip and the final straw came one night on the big lake. I and my fishing buds were in the middle of St.Nowhere, Minnesota flying across a lake that froze into a snow washboard. The chassis/frame started shaking & twisting violently, throwing rust, and split the saddle mounted gas tank in half. Ford had me covered though...….flip the switch to rear tank :thumb:. Since then I always look for two left-side gas fills before purchasing.     

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