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New KrAZ Fire Apparatus for Sumy Oblast


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KrAZ Trucks Press Release  /  September 18, 2018

Firefighters in Ukraine's Sumy Oblast have taken delivery of a new АC-4-60(5401НЕ) fire tank truck jointly produced by KrAZ Trucks and body builder Pozhmashina.  

The 9.5 tonne KrAZ model 5401НЕ 4x4 off-road cab & chassis is specifically engineered to the requirements of the State Service for Emergency Situations (SSES).

This two-axle cab & chassis cab built to customer’s requirements is unique due to use of two-row four-door six-seat "crew cab". KrAZ engineers adapted this cab for installation on the KrAZ-5401НЕ.

Wide tires complimented with a central tire inflation system make it possible to use this vehicle on and off road. An operating range of 600 km is made possible with the fitment of two 165 litre fuel tanks.

The АC-4-60 (5401НЕ) tank truck features a 4000 litre water tank and 400 litre foam agent tank. The НВЕ-24 vacuum suction system is independent, semi-automatic. The truck is equipped with the PN-60Б-RR fire centrifugal pump with output of 60 l/s and head of 100 m. Maximum suction head: 7,5 m. Gross vehicle weight is 19 tonnes.

A similar truck was delievered to to the Konotop SSES.


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