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Excessive after treatment expenses

Bad Dog 505


So I've got a 2013 chu613 Mack rawhide with an Eaton 18 speed mp8 505 horse motor long story short, as of today in the three years I've owned the truck, after getting about two and a half years of actual usage out of it, due to the fact that it was parked from December to August of 2018 because I couldn't afford to pay for the repairs on it and was already in debt to the company I work for, for $15,000 does $30,000 in exhaust aftertreatment expenses in 3 years sound excessive?

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Sounds about right. Another member on here said he was hesitant about buying the after treatment extra warranty for $5k but after repairs which would’ve cost him $25k he is very happy he bought it. No personal knock on you but I can’t understand how anybody can afford to be an o/o and if they can why would you want to? These new trucks are disposable junk. Run them until the warranty runs out and dump them. 

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