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Parker's QuickFit system changes oil in 30 minutes


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Fleet Owner  /  September 27, 2018

Parker Hannifin Corporation has launched a new solution to ease the burden of changing oil in engines and machines. QuickFit is a complete oil change system that takes the complex nature of changing oil and simplifies the process with a cleaner and safer way that can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes.

Traditional maintenance oil changes face a multitude of challenges including confined spaces that make access difficult and can create safety and ergonomic risks. A system’s multiple drain and fill points greatly increases the chances for cross-contamination, and by removing an oil filter that’s still full of oil can result in leaks, spills and potential environmental issues.

Parker says that QuickFit alleviates these issues with a more accessible, single point of connection. Its three-step process purges, evacuates and refills oil all from the one connection point.

  • Purge: Uses compressed air to purge the oil by pushing it through the filter into the engine sump.
  • Evac: Oil is drained directly to waste containment, allowing for clean removal of the filter.
  • Refill: New oil is pumped into the engine using the same connection point.

“Reducing the number of steps in the process eliminates any risk of safety hazards or spills, which creates less consumable waste and is more environmentally friendly,” said Mario Calvo, division marketing manager for Parker Quick Coupling Division (QCD). “The QuickFit 3-step process also makes for a more standardized solution, which helps to lower operating costs, increases profitability and reduces oil change time by about 50 percent.”




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