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Cummins developing electric power systems for Russian truckmaker KamAZ


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Trailer-Body Builders  /  September 20, 2018

Cummins recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Russian heavy-duty truck manufacturer KAMAZ for the development of electrified power solutions for a new line of KAMAZ battery-powered vehicles.

KAMAZ is developing an electrified portfolio of battery-powered trucks and buses, and Cummins is expanding its powertrain portfolio by developing electric power systems (fully electric and hybrid) for commercial applications.

“Cummins has made strategic moves to bolster our Electrified Power Business,” said Tom Linebarger, Chairman and CEO of Cummins. “KAMAZ brings a proven electrified portfolio, which will broaden the range, and increase the reliability, of our electrified power systems as Cummins continues to bring the right solutions to our customers at the right time.”

Based on the long-term productive partnership of the companies, KAMAZ and Cummins agreed on collaboration aimed to create electrified-power trucks and buses. Cummins intends to develop and supply to KAMAZ high-voltage fully electric powertrain prototypes with applications for city buses and medium-range delivery trucks. Their agreement also provides for development and supply of the hybrid transmission prototype designed for KAMAZ heavy-duty trucks.

Cummins said the prototypes will be tested on KAMAZ city buses, medium-range delivery trucks and heavy-duty trucks. After tests, enhancement and certification, the partners will consider potential market size in the product segments and define perspective of their further cooperation.

“Today, our company is actively engaged in developing electrified-power cars and passenger transport,” said KAMAZ CO Sergey Kogogin. “We seek the wide technical capabilities and potential of our long-standing partner, Cummins. We see Cummins as an integral part in implementation of our new projects—there is the need in high-quality electric transmissions.

“Through joining our efforts in this field, we’ll be able to offer consumers a new high-technology product that will take sound position in the market.”


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