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An offer you can’t refuse


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Scania Group Press Release  /  September 6, 2018

Customised Scania L-series truck being used as driver recruitment tool.

Finnish waste and recycling specialist Lassila & Tikanoja has just taken this stunning refuse collection truck into service. In addition to hand-painted details, the Scania L-series truck features several eye-catching customisations, such as stainless-steel bumpers.

With hundreds of trucks in waste collection operations throughout Finland, Lassila & Tikanoja (L&T) is always looking for more drivers. The idea behind the ‘Kierrätysnaattori’ — ‘The Waste Terminator’  in English — was to increase interest in the company, which employs approximately 8,000 people in Finland, helping them in their driver recruitment efforts.

Wanted: an army of truck drivers

The Kierrätysnaattori made its first appearance at the Finnish Power Truck Show in August, where it received an honorary award.

“We’ve recently been especially focused on military garrisons since many of the young male conscripts obtain a truck driving licence during their training. We hope that they will start driving for us after national service,” says L&T’s Communications Specialist Terhi Leiniö. To that end, we’ve been present with our truck and representatives at several sports events for conscripts in Finland.”

Clearing ‘customs’ in record time

The customisation was carried out by Karhuline Truck Customs, operated by Jani Paukku and his wife Tiina Karhula. “We did most of the work on the truck ourselves but since we only had four to five weeks in which to complete it, we had to outsource some parts,” says Paukku.

The truck was delivered to their workshop near Lahti with the compactor loader already installed and painted in L&T’s signature blue. “The cab was white and the colours have to match, which wasn’t simple. Other than that, we were given a free rein. My idea from the beginning was that the truck should look both old and modern at the same time,” the customiser explains.

“Beautiful” garbage

The couple raced against the clock to deliver the truck in time and Paukku admits that he was uncertain of the end result. “I had to trust my instinct and when I saw the finished product it was actually better than I expected, especially considering the short time that was available to us to work on it.”

The customer, L&T is also pleased with their new Scania truck: “For me, this is the most beautiful truck in the world!” exclaims Leiniö.


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