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TATRA introduces new TIGON firefighting range


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TATRA Trucks Press Release  /  August 6, 2018

TATRA Trucks has joined forces with Rosenbauer, one of the world's three largest fire apparatus manufacturers, to create the unique TIGON fire truck. The firefighting and rescue vehicle segment represents a significant portion of TATRA truck sales, presently 10% to 15% of annual production.

TATRA firefighting trucks are highly valued among professionals and customers, not only in terms of high performance, but also in terms of driving stability and efficiency. The proven TATRA concept undercarriage and fully independent suspension’s pneumatic suspension system ensure high stability on any surface including high-speed smooth surfaces typical of industrial areas and airports.

High handling stability
Available in both four- and five axle configurations, a major goal in developing the all-new TIGON fire apparatus was to develop a special product with the greatest possible fire performance, no matter what terrain it would be forced to operate. The result is a unique vehicle suitable for any firefighting task, including those that go beyond existing standard vehicles.

At first glance, the four-axle TIGON impresses with its 24.00R21 tires and 4490 mm wheelbase. It has an overall length of 12,285 mm, 2900 mm width and height of 3700 mm.

The best
The overall width of the vehicle suggests that it is the ultimate firefighter special designed for interventions primarily outside conventional communications in industrial areas. The 43 tonne vehicles’s impressive acceleration and high speed is achieved via the use of a Volvo TAD164VE-B six-cylinder Tier 2 emission engine. It is capable of delivering a maximum output of 515 kW / 700 hp from a 16.12 l displacement. The powerplant is paired with a fully automatic Allison 4800 transmission and TATRA transfer case. The full-time PTO allows the vehicle to operate in the pump-and-roll mode.

The TATRA FORCE 8x8 chassis, based on our commercial vehicle line-up, features our latest engineering for superb handling. The original FORCE (1 + 2 + 2) four-door cab gives the vehicle a very compact and compact silhouette and a good overall vehicle height.

With the development of the TIGON, TATRA has also developed a cutting edge fire fighting solution for airport operations.

Water and foam
The vehicle’s state-of-the-art Rosenbauer body features reinforced laser-cut honeycomb aluminum construction to achieve both light weight and maximum strength. The body is mounted on a sub-frame chassis by means of flexible silent blocks.

The two main water tanks (9000 litres) and technical foam tank (3500 litres) are made of polypropylene and capable of transporting potable water if necessary.

The fire extinguishing system includes a standard Rosenbauer N80 pump with a working pressure of 10 bar and a capacity of up to 8000 litres per minute, and a high-pressure Rosenbauer H5 pump with a working pressure of 40 bar and a capacity of up to 500 litres per minute. TIGON systems use Rosenbauer HYDROMATIC and Rosenbauer FIXMIX 2.0E to work with extinguishing foam.
Targeting and discharging of fire extinguishers is in charge of the roof-mounted, electrically operated newly developed Rosenbauer RM 80C turret with a maximum output of 9500 litres per minute at a working pressure of 10 bar. The current of the extinguishing means is electrically controlled, it can be thrown in full or half capacity. Impact of fire extinguishers, up to 100 m, angle of inclination (-20o to + 70 o), rotation capability by 360 degrees.

The second Rosenbauer RM 15C is located just before the hood of the cabin. It is again electrically controlled, operated from the interior and has a maximum output of 2000 litres per minute at a working pressure of 10 bar or 540 litres per minute at a pressure of 40 bar. It is capable of dispensing fire extinguishers up to a distance of 70 m from the vehicle, with the ability to rotate 330 degrees, depending on the angle of the direction (-40 degrees to +80 degrees).

The cooperation between TATRA TRUCKS and industry leader Rosenbauer demonstrates our ability to raise the bar and meet the highest requirements levels.

Modern and highly efficient, heavy duty TATRA trucks address the needs of both commercial and specialized applications the world over. Our unique engineering delivers handling and performance unavailable from any other truckmaker at any price.

TATRA is here for the best - for our customers!


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