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Brakes halves NOx emissions with Shell GTL-fuelled DAF fleet


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Transport Engineer  /  August 7, 2018

Foodservice business Brakes is reporting a 47% reduction in NOx emissions since switching its Park Royal, London-based fleet of DAF LF trucks to Shell Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) fuel.

Results of the nine-month trial with the 50 LF 230 refrigerated vehicles have been confirmed in independent tests at the Millbrook facility, in Bedfordshire.

Brakes also reports quieter running and odour-free refuelling at the pump. Importantly for Brakes’ urban operations, the use of Shell GTL Fuel – supplied in the UK by Certas Energy – means the requirement for periodic static regeneration of the DPF has been virtually eliminated, adding to fuel efficiency.

Crucially, the fuel requires no vehicle modifications or changes to service intervals.

“The trial of Shell GTL Fuel at our Park Royal depot has been running really well,” confirms Steve Webster, Brakes’ head of indirect goods and services procurement.

“The feedback from the drivers has been overwhelmingly positive – the vehicles are running more quietly and we’ve seen a substantial reduction in the need to clean the particulate filters.”

He adds: “The evidence has come back clearly showing that running Shell GTL fuel in a city centre has a big impact on NOx emissions – indeed, our own test saw a 47% reduction compared to running on diesel.

“We have not waited for future technology either as there is no requirement to convert the vehicle.”

DAF’s entire range is certified for use of GTL fuels, as well as for HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) which can deliver an additional well-to-wheel carbon saving of over 90%.


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