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Scania is fuel champion for Maritime Transport


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Scania Group Press Release  /  July 31, 2018

Following comparative study, UK haulier orders 200 Scania trucks.

UK multi-modal specialist Maritime Transport has placed its biggest single order yet with one manufacturer. A leading combination of whole life cost, impressive fuel economy and driver acceptance prompted Maritime Transport to order 200 new generation Scania R 450 tractor units.

Whole life cost is key to the decision-making-process at Maritime, with fuel consumption being the biggest weighted element in the mix. It has been one year since Maritime started operating the first five new generation Scania trucks and although it is still early days in the 5-year life cycle, Scania has already shown a fuel advantage in the fleet.

Track trial confirms superiority

Fleet Director, Stuart Wardlaw explains, “Our work can be so varied that usually comparing a vehicle’s fuel performance to another is difficult. To allow us to make an informed decision we undertook a track trial with the latest products across our fleet. As part of this, we eliminated as many variables as possible, such as container size, load weight and route. When it came to fuel economy Scania outperformed the other brand.”

“This alongside all other factors of the whole life cost of the vehicles was the deciding factor when placing our order for the 200 Scania R-series.”

Specification of the truck itself is important to Maritime to ensure a certain standard of driver welfare, especially where sometimes on-road facilities are not up-to-scratch. The spacious R cabs, which are fitted with fridges and microwave ovens, provide both a comfortable working and living space for their drivers.

“From our perspective, when they have got their vehicles we want our drivers to have access to everything they could need – space, storage and home comforts,” comments Wardlaw.

Better performance linked to vehicle

Keeping their drivers happy is two-fold for Maritime. The company believes that not only will it impact retention but also improve the vehicles’ performance. As Wardlaw puts it, “A driver’s acceptance of a vehicle has a direct link to their behaviour and performance. When they are happy with the vehicle they are driving, we believe they will drive more economically and safely.”

As a growing business, Maritime utilises staff feedback to shape future decisions. The feedback from drivers on the new generation Scania trucks has been positive.

“It really is a great truck. The overall vision of your surroundings is brilliant, which gives you so much more confidence on the road. The drive is smooth, quiet and responsive and due to the interior design, you can get to everything without taking your hands off the steering wheel. Not only can you do the job, but do so in style and comfort too,” says Maritime driver Andy Parsons.

Maritime, which was established in 2001, has a fleet of 1,200 trucks and is one of the largest privately-owned multi-modal transport businesses in the UK.


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