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Spicer axle standard on Paccar, Navistar medium trucks


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Two Kenworth models make Dana single-drive axles standard

Fleet Owner  /  July 24, 2018

Dana Spicer S140 single-reduction, single-drive axles have been made standard on two staple Kenworth models.

The Kenworth T270 and T370 medium duty trucks now come fitted with these axles.

The T270 includes the Dana Spicer S17-140 graded at 16,000 lbs., and the Kenworth T370, which will have a slightly different axle, the Dana Spicer S21-140, is rated at 21,000 pounds.  

These two models are a small showcase of the expansive offerings Dana Spicer crafts to fit the range of fleet needs, from small, private companies to large, multinational enterprises.

The axles contribute broad ration coverage, and the company touts their dependability at higher horsepower and torque that are powered by high-capacity gearing. Dana Spicer uses R series spindles in their line of axles.

The S140 specifically offers GenTech extra-quiet gearing to lower noise by as much as 12dB compared to similar standard models, while also contributing to a more smooth, comfortable drive. Not only can the customer benefit from this technology, but the drivers can too. And in a side-by-side comparison of the S140 axles with the Dana P20060S axle, the former saves as much as 85 lbs.

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Navistar adding Dana's drive axles to medium-duty trucks

Trailer-Body Builders  /  July 24, 2018

Dana Incorporated’s Spicer single drive axles will be standard equipment on International MV Series medium-duty trucks and IC Bus CE Series and RE Series models, the company said.

The standard-product position is effective immediately and includes Dana Spicer S110, S130, S140, S170 and S190 models, as well as the 060 Series.

“Our medium-duty trucks and buses are known for their workhorse qualities, delivering consistent performance and maximum productivity,” said David McKean, chief procurement officer for Navistar, whose subsidiaries and brands produce International commercial trucks.

“Spicer axles were chosen to support these applications due to their steadfast reliability and Dana’s dedication to deliver technologies that drive greater overall efficiency.”

Spicer single drive axles offer advanced design features that reduce installation and lifecycle costs, including lighter weight over competitive models; high-capacity gearing and bearing system for durability and reliability with higher horsepower/torque engines; GenTech extra-quiet gearing for diminished noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH); and a wide ratio range to cover a variety of straight truck applications.

“We continue to collaborate with Navistar to provide innovative solutions to meet rigorous efficiency benchmarks and improve total cost of ownership,” said Mark Wallace, executive vice president of Dana and president of Dana Commercial Vehicle Driveline Technologies.  “Our Spicer single axles are designed to optimize performance and increase profitability.

“We are confident they will deliver for our joint end-user customers and are honored that Navistar has chosen Dana axles for this exclusive position.”

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