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KrAZ Trucks to Go to Work in Southeast Asia


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KrAZ Trucks Press Release  /  June 4, 2018

A batch of all-wheel-drive KrAZ heavy trucks have been built for a country of Southeast Asia. Tropical versions of the 12 cu.m. KrAZ-65032 dump truck and KrAZ-63221 container truck, they are designed for use in extremely harsh environment, construction works on the shore, mostly in aggressive environment, in salt water up to the waist in compliance with customer’s specification.  

Both tropical versions were ordered in right-hand drive configuration. Given the specific job location, the exhaust systems of these trucks route exhaust gases go out via a silencer mounted on the left side behind the cab. All removable connections are water-tight, cooling system has aluminum radiator without wind shutter, the vehicles are provided with tropical tires without tire inflation system. Water-tight lights have asymmetrical dipped beam for use in left-hand traffic.

Paint is also intended for tropical climate, it is resistant to salt water. What is more, special paint application method has been used.

The vehicles are equipped with Euro-2 engine rated at 380hp and manual 9-speed transmission.  

The KrAZ-65032 dump truck designed fro carrying loads on and off road is provided with strong dump body.

The KrAZ-63221 container truck is used for carrying 20 feet container and towing trailer on all kinds of roads and off road. The vehicle is provided with crane for cargo handling.  

Last week the customer’s representatives checked the trucks for compliance with specifications. The batch of special vehicles is currently being prepared for shipment to foreign contractor. 


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