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Peterbilt Displays All-Electric Class 8 Truck


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Transport Topics  /  May 8, 2018

LONG BEACH, Calif. — Peterbilt Motors Co. displayed its all-electric Model 579 day cab tractor at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo, which was held April 30-May 4.

The drayage application tractor — slated to go into service at the Port of Long Beach after the show — is one of 12 tractors built by Peterbilt in collaboration with TransPower, the California Air Resources Board and the Port of Long Beach.

Meritor, through its strategic alliance with TransPower — in which it has invested — is collaborating with Peterbilt to equip the day cab tractors, plus three refuse trucks, with all-electric drivetrain systems. Meritor will supply high-efficiency and lightweight axles, drivelines and brakes.

The anticipated operating range for the drayage trucks is 125 miles and up to 95 miles for the refuse haulers, according to Meritor.

The all-electric Model 579 produces up to 490 horsepower, has up to a 200-mile range, recharges in less than five hours and has a battery storage capacity of 350-440 kWh.

“These demonstrator vehicles will be used to test the performance of an all-electric powertrain in a real-world environment,” Scott Newhouse, Peterbilt’s chief engineer, said in a company release. “Electrification is not a new concept to our industry; however, the advances made in battery and electric technology can make this a real possibility moving forward.”

Funding for the tractors was provided, in part, by California Climate Investments, the state’s climate change-fighting, cap-and-trade program. 


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