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Renault Trucks adds Optitrack features


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Renault Trucks Press Release  /  April 11, 2018

Renault Trucks is adding new features to its Optitrack system, designed to increase the pulling power of vehicles and maintain high performance whatever the terrain. The constructor is also providing an Optitrack+ version, incorporating new hydraulic motors for customers working in extreme conditions.

Optitrack was developed by Renault Trucks in partnership with Poclain Hydraulics in 2009 and is available on the C2.5 range of vehicles, providing additional temporary pulling power thanks to two hydraulic motors fitted in the front wheel hubs. This system offers the possibility of benefiting from temporary all-wheel drive on demand, overcoming the constraints of a “conventional” all-wheel drive vehicle, particularly in terms of fuel consumption, loading height, maintenance costs and additional weight.

Renault Trucks is now consolidating its Optitrack system by incorporating new features.

Outstanding pulling power

The hydraulic pressure of the system has been stepped up from 420 to 450 bars, leading to a 7% increase in the maximum wheel torque. This new feature boosts pulling power, enabling drivers to cope with the difficulties inherent in handling vehicles with high payloads or on steep terrain.

In order to ensure maximum start-up power in the most demanding situations as well as total vehicle control, Renault Trucks has added a "boost" function. When activated by the driver, this increases front wheel tyre pressure to the maximum (450 bars) in order to achieve maximum start-up torque.

Increased operating comfort and manœuvrability

The Optitrack system disconnects when vehicle speed reaches 50km/h (compared to 40km/h on previous versions) and automatically re-engages at 20km/h, no longer requiring driver intervention.

Finally, a self-calibration device permanently adjusts the settings of the Optitrack system, ensuring life-long vehicle performance, and an additional reverse gear has been added (R2) for optimal manoeuvrability on all types of terrain.

Agility in all terrain with Optitrack+

Trucks operating in extreme conditions can now benefit from the features of the enhanced Optitrack+ version. Optitrack+ features new hydraulic motors that increase front wheel torque by 30 %.

This enhanced version offers seamless pulling power for coping with high payloads, steep slopes and soft soil. Optitrack+ is particularly recommended for earthmoving or the transport of aggregate in difficult conditions.


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