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Renault Range C the solid choice for Cardinalis Concrete


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Transport Engineer  /  March 19, 2018

Cardinalis Concrete has taken delivery of its first Renault trucks, replacing 75% of its fleet with new Renault Range C vehicles.

Supplied by dealer Norfolk Truck and Van, the Cambridge-based operator’s new additions are nine Range C460 8x4s, equipped with 9m3 production capacity Reimer ProAll P8525 mobile batch plants, and supplied with two-year full R&M contracts.

The vehicles were chosen after discussion with mixer supplier Reimer, as Cardinalis general manager Michele Hall explains: “It was their high recommendation of the Range C chassis and overall package that has seen us convert three quarters of our fleet to Renault Trucks, a manufacturer that we previously haven’t used.”

Gary Collar from Reimer says: “The Range C specification is impressive; it’s a whole lot of truck for the money. The high torque PTO of 1600Nm in particular is a great feature with the output above the gearbox at 12 o’clock, which enables a short prop to the machine and allows it to be switched on and off rather than constant, while the 1:54 ratio reduces the operating revs to 975rpm, giving fuel saving potential.”

The dealer’s consistently high service levels is another key factor, adds Collar.

The Range C is “proving its worth” for Cardinalis on deliveries in and around Cambridge, says Hall, adding: “Negotiating the small, narrow streets of Cambridge, as well as entering awkward and restricted access sites, calls for highly agile and manoeuvrable trucks and experienced drivers.”


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