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2013 CHU613 w/MP-8

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Hello to all. First time on here. Searched 10 pages of threads and did not locate my issue. As title says I have a 2013 CHU 613 Mack w/mp-8 motor. When I turn on the key, even on accessory the oil pressure gauge pegs at 101psi. Once started and warmed up it still reads 101psi. I'm thinking grounded out sensor or harness but not sure where sensor is located. Any help appreciated. Also truck has around 205,000 K miles on it.  Darrell

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Replace the oil pressure sensor, Mack has gone through 4-5 different sensor changes, the new one that is out now seems to work great. Its located on the driver side of engine to the right of the engine ECM. Its not the one on top of the oil filter stand. 

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