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Haulier says ‘no one better’ than IVECO for CNG trucks


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Transport Engineer  /  February 23, 2018

Preston-based H Parkinson Haulage has taken delivery of seven Stralis NP 4x2 tractors – its first IVECO vehicles and also its first natural gas-powered units.

After trialling demonstrators from two manufacturers, the haulier decided to go with IVECO, citing quiet operation, driver feedback and powerful engine – and the potential “massive” CO2 saving.

Supplied by Walton Summit Truck Centre, the operator’s latest additions to its 95-strong fleet are four ex-demonstrators and three new vehicles.

“These vehicles will be doing nearly a quarter of a million miles a year each – so it was vital for us and our customers to reduce the environmental impact,” says Steve Sugden, general manager of H Parkinson Haulage.

“Currently, for a CNG vehicle, no one has a better offering than IVECO, and with the seven Stralis NPs, coupled with our longer semi-trailers (LSTs), we’ve worked out we can reduce our CO2 emissions by a massive 1,750 tonnes every year.”

He adds: “When you couple an LST with a Stralis NP tractor unit, it’s going to be about as environmentally friendly as you can get. This is the future of green logistics.”

Powered by compressed biomethane, H Parkinson’s Stralis NP AS440S40T/P vehicles have Hi-Way cabs and are powered by Cursor 9 Euro VI natural gas engines, delivering the same output of 395bhp and 1,700Nm torque as their diesel equivalents. A 454bhp natural gas engine is also available.

The trucks will be run to end of life on intensive multi-shift operations. Sugden adds: “If these vehicles perform well, and with IVECO being the most advanced manufacturer in the alternative fuel sector, then we will consider adding more Stralis NPs to our fleet in the future.”


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