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DAF Trucks Presents Limited 90th Anniversary Edition


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DAF Trucks Press Release  /  February 2, 2018

DAF Trucks presents the limited 90th Anniversary Edition of the New XF. This truck commemorates the fact that 90 years ago Hub van Doorne laid the foundation of DAF: now one of Europe’s most successful truck manufacturers. The anniversary edition features a premium option package, exclusive striping and subtle exterior design elements. To stress the exclusivity of this special truck it comes with the class leading Super Space Cab and PACCAR’s most powerful 530 HP/390 kW MX-13 engine.

The 90th Anniversary Edition is limited to only 250 vehicles. It is available as a 4x2 tractor (FT) for the markets on the European continent and as a 6x2 tractor (FTG) for the UK and Ireland. Each vehicle features a unique number, which is visible in both the decorative finish inside the cab as well as in the specially illuminated DAF logo panel that can be seen when the door is opened.

Unique striking exterior
The unique limited edition of DAF’s ‘International Truck of the Year 2018’ is available in three attractive metallic colours: Anniversary Black, Rouge Flamme and Jamaica Blue. Coloured strips in blue or red on the grille express the exclusivity of the XF 90th Anniversary Edition. A hand crafted version of DAF’s famous historic logo is proudly displayed on the front of the truck, as well as on the sides and back of the cab.

Top of the line options
DAF’s unique 90th Anniversary Edition has a very rich specification. It features – among other things – an air suspended Super Space Cab with all exterior parts in cab colour, LED headlights, Skylights, fog and cornering lights, a roof air deflector with side collars, side skirts (4x2) and Alcoa aluminium wheels. Air horns are mounted on the cab roof.

Unique interior
The ultra-comfortable interior – in Exclusive trim – has unique features like the embossed historical DAF logo in the head rest of the Xtra Leather air seats. DAF’s classic logo is also applied to the deco strips on the doors, on the Driver Information Panel and the high-end radio-navigation system. Furthermore, the interior trim is equipped with full leather seats, leather armrests and door panels and a leather finish on the steering wheel. Climate control, a roof mounted parking cooler, TruckPhone, a microwave, DAF’s renowned refrigerator under the lower bunk and the DAF Night Lock are all included.

Luxury gift set
Each 90th Anniversary Edition of the XF comes with a numbered, luxury gift set. The set includes a full leather travel bag, a stylish jacket with leather details, a DAF Waterman pen in customized leather box, a leather credit card wallet and a 90th Anniversary Edition sketch signed by DAF’s chief designer Bart van Lotringen.

Hub van Doorne
“When developing his trucks, Hub van Doorne focused on technology, functionality and driver comfort”, stated Preston Feight, President of DAF Trucks. “The elite 90th Anniversary Edition pays respect to the founder of our great company.”


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