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clutch adjustment

joes mack

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I need some help how do you adjust where a clutch grabs. I put a new clutch in our 1980 s1800  international tanker it has the 446 gas engine in it  and it is catching at the top. it has the 3/4 bolt looking thing  on the pressure plate. I would like to get it to where it catches about half way or closer to the floor as we have a couple of drivers who like to rest there foot on the pedal for some reason.


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Have someone put the foot on the clutch and hold it down , push the bolt in usually it is spring loaded to lock it ,Turn the bolt clockwize a  turn at a time till you get it to engauge where you want it if the trans is equipped with  a clutch brake  adjust the linkage so the brake JUST contacts at the very bottom of the pedal( FIRST ) then proceed with the bolt adjustment ! There should be a half inch gap between the brake and the throw out bearing to be set correctly  when your done! and will now have about 11/2 to tow inches of free slack at the top if the pedal!

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