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KAMAZ Introduces All-New R6 Engine Range


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KAMAZ Trucks Press Release  /  December 15, 2017

On the 25th of March 2014, in the German city of Ehingen, KAMAZ PTC and the Liebherr Group signed a contract to develop a new advanced range of six-straight engines generating from 400 to 700 hp and complying with the emmissions directives of Euro 5 and later Euro 6. Then, on the 10th of June 2014, by order of Sergey Kogogin, Director General of KAMAZ, a project titled Tibet was launched at KAMAZ. For three years, extensive work has been carried out at the engine plant: sites were built and equipment was installed for production of blocks and cylinder heads, R6 engine assembly and painting lines were mounted. This December, the first detail of the new engine was processed, and the first KAMAZ 910. 10 engines were put onto the assembly line.

The new conveyor will expand the production capacity of KAMAZ PTC. In 2018, the serial production of the new line of KAMAZ inline-six R6 engines will be launched. These engines will power trucks of the promising K5 generation the production of which is scheduled for 2019.

"The innovative approach behind our projects is especially needed for production of KAMAZ vehicles of the promising lineup we are currently working on," stated Sergey Kogogin, Director General of KAMAZ PTC. "We are striving to make our product the best for our customers and enter new markets. The new powerful and reliable R6 engines made in cooperation with our partner with the use of the world's latest technologies will enable us to greatly improve technical and consumer characteristics of vehicles and make trucks safer for people and environment."

Liebherr has more than 30 years of experience in the development and production of diesel engines for heavy applications and tough climatic operating conditions. The engines are part of the comprehensive program that entails development, design and manufacture within Liebherr's components division. Among the high-performing components from the areas of mechanical, hydraulic and electric drive and control technology are diesel and gas engines, injection systems, axial piston machines, hydraulic pumps and motors, hydraulic cylinders, oversized bearings, gearboxes and winches, electric machines, switchgear as well as electric and electronic components and systems.

"Our companies have been cooperating for many years, since the moment our companies started working on the development of gearboxes for the first KAMAZ trucks. It is therefore especially pleasant to witness the birth of the new engine after our designers' and engineers' hard work. The new production line built exclusively for R6 engines is also very impressive. I would like to thank KAMAZ workers who had realized this project and wish success with the new engine," said the president of the governing board of Liebherr-International AG, Dr. h.c. Dipl.-Ing. Willi Liebherr.

The new line of KAMAZ for R6 engine production has state-of-the-art equipment, and in some aspects it surpasses foreign analogues. Great attention is paid to compliance with technologies and detailed quality control, each operation is 100% controlled. Thus, the high quality of the power unit for K5 KAMAZ vehicles is ensured.

Today, all lines of the new conveyor are working in a start-up mode. It is expected to assemble 7-10 power units till the end of 2017. The industrial production of R6 engines will be launched in March 2018. The new line is designed for the output of 12 thous. power units a year. Under the project, 150 new workplaces were created at the engine plant of KAMAZ. 


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