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KrAZ to Deliver Ukraine’s New Year Tree


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KrAZ Trucks Press Release  /  December 5, 2017

A KrAZ-64431 heavy tractor went to Subcarpathia to deliver Ukraine’s New Year Tree.  KrAZ Trucks' annual New Year’s gift to Ukrainian capital residents and visitors is delivering the country’s New Year Tree at the company’s expense.  A 90-year-old 30-meter-high green beauty will have been delivered to Saint Sophia Square by the beginning of the next week.  It will be carried by the KrAZ-64431 truck tractor (6х4) paired with a 30-ton semi-trailer.

The company’s line of truck tractors does not include a lot of models but all of them meet all the needs of customers. All the KrAZ truck tractors both AWD and non-AWD models have excellent towing capacity. The KrAZ-64431 truck tractor is mass-production model used for towing semi-trailers on public roads. The truck tractor that went to Subcarpathia is a workhorse of the company’s transportation department fleet used for delivering various cargoes. The classis version features conventional front and rear suspensions with two longitudinal semielliptic springs: front one with two hydraulic shock absorbers and rear one with equalizer bar. It is provided with mechanical power steering, air-operated drum brakes with inner shoes. The cab has a sleeper to create a good rest environment for driver.  

KrAZ truck tractors are used not only as intended: for carrying various indivisible and heavy loads and towing trailers and semitrailers. In African countries they are used for carrying giant logs through impenetrable jungle. The truck tractor that went to Ivano-Frankovsk region is not provided with through type powertrain but that will not prevent it from coping with lofty and challenging task on forestry rugged terrain.

Last year’s New Year Tree was also delivered by KrAZ Trucks, with a KrAZ Model 6446 6х6 tractor/trailer combination.


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