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  • I have a2012 gu 713 going into derate every other day the codes we have now are 
  • spn1231/
  • spn 4094 fmi 18
  • spn 5246
  • spn 5243
  • We have serviced the filter replaced the nox sensor done crystal s. on it with no resolve any help would be greatly appreciated

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Do DEF doser volume test and check for dried DEF in flex pipe after DPF.  Always replace both NOX sensors.  Check batteries and ACM fuse in battery box.  Check turbo motor effort hot, if in the 200ish  turbo could be a issue. Fuel pressure 55 psi idle and 65 at 1100 rpm.  Update the EMS and ACM and cluster  software  if your able. Pressure test complete intake system.  The list goes on and on. 

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