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Can any one tell me what's the problem with my truck mack granite gu713 2008 mp8 engine not doing a complete regen , it was at dealer I change a lot things docer7injector egr valve fuel lines dpf filter the light at bottom was blinking and not doing a complete regen they fix it I run the truck for couple weeks and start askin for manual regen because not doing it automatic I did it couple manual regens and I end up with the same problem blinking light at regen bottom and giving me this other fault code mid 128 psid 47 fim 1  and runs a manual regens but not complet it driving me crazy I already spend a lot money on this like a 2 months ago please any ideas

I'm thinking on a doing a delete dpf system any sugesting

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Sounds like they are throwing parts at it with out checking stuff  however many things can cause this ! the engine brake slaves coming apart can cause the engine to smoke more bad injectors can cause it to smoke more  The computer can only tell them so much ! It assumes every thing else is OK  ! unfortunately The program they use is mediocre at best and we tend to rely on it too much !  its a rock and a hard place For you and them as there are so many unwritten scenarios  that cause these to screw up! The best they can is to start with the cheap and easy and work your way thru it ! Did they Check the valve  and engine brake set  ? If not maybe they should!

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 The truck has a 354151 miles and is a 2008 .and still have same problem now dont finish regen and have this code active Mid128 Psid47 Fmi1 before runs like 400 miles i got steady light needing a manuel regen becouse don't do a auto regen it looks start auto regen but never get hot enought to finish . now just stop finishing manual regen.question if dpf system got clear codes. (Fixed) it will reset themself or i need to bring to the dealer for then. To reset by the computer??

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