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Thompsons of York takes three Renault Range T 6x2 tag axle tractor units


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Commercial Motor  /  November 21, 2017

Animal feed provider Thompsons of York has taken delivery of its first trucks from Renault - three high specification Renault Range T520.26 6x2 tag axle tractor units with sleeper cabs.

The vehicles, supplied by Thompson Commercials (Hull), come with Alcoa aluminium wheels, 24-litre fridges, Kelsa top light bars with six spot lights, leather steering wheels and leather Recaro seats. They will pull Fruehauf triaxle tipping trailers with Priden/Alibulk auxiliary equipment and make bulk agricultural deliveries to farms within a 100-mile radius.

Transport manager, SteveRoom, said: “The delivery of raw materials into Thompsons is outsourced, and from big fleets to one-man bands, all of those operators with Renault trucks spoke highly of them and would get another one.

"Some of these men are what I would call ‘very hard to please’ so if they’re happy with Renault Trucks then they must be good.”

Room said reliability and first-class dealer back-up are key factors for Thompsons of York when buying new vehicles. “The Thompson Commercials salesman, Dale Arnott, is very good and easy to get on with; he gives the strong impression that he cares, which makes a lot of difference”, he said.

“Most of our drops would be okay with a mid-lift, but I went for a tag axle as it gives more manoeuvrability and grip and gets into places easier than a standard tractor unit. This is especially important when going in and out of farmland that has more challenging muddy ground.”


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