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MP 10 low boost


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we have a 2013  MP10 in a Titan. it won't build boost past 30psi, and falls flat on its face.

It has been back to mack on and off for over a month now.

Injectors changed, turbo changed, egr changed and some sensors.

any input here would be great help.

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 any engine codes ?Charge air checked?  Ambiant air temp sensor reading correct?  Also if you put an MP8 boost sensor in It may help!we accidentally put one in a few years back it made the bloody thing into an animal However if its still under warranty be carefull!

And last week we found one with a crack in the venturi tube on the front of the engine on the back side not visible at first  we were also looking for 5 psi or so missing boost we found it there NO CODES! just some suggestions!  

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