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Scania fire trucks to Czech castle


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Scania Group Press Release  /  13 October 2017

Quality, tailor-made services and modern technology were crucial factors when the PragueCastle fire department chose two Scania P 480 fire trucks for its operations.

Scania has a long history of supplying dependable trucks to fire and rescue crews. The latest city to benefit from these vehicles is Prague, two P 480s were recently delivered to the capital for the protection of the city’s castle.

“We especially appreciate Scania’s quality, it guarantees long lasting and trouble-free operations as well as superior services tailored to our needs,” says Jan Schreiner, Deputy Commander at the fire department of PragueCastle. “Besides a very attractive vehicle design, I have to emphasize the modern technology, safety elements including ESP (Electronic Stability Program) and the roomy crew cabin. We can also see how well the chassis is prepared and together with the body it creates a highly functional and compact package.”

Coldcut Cobra technology

The lightweight P-series trucks are engineered for maneuverability, economy and speed. The delivered trucks have adjustable air suspension and are equipped with Coldcut Cobra C 360 Kit – a fire extinguishing technique that rapidly penetrates all known construction materials.

“PragueCastle is the most visited monument in the CzechRepublic, so there is an enormous emphasis on safety. I am very pleased that the fire department of the Prague Castle chose our vehicles, which only confirms their quality,” says Petr Smola, Sales Manager of Scania special vehicles, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

And more trucks are on the way to the Czech capital; the city’s fire brigade recently made its own order.


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