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Scania One – the digital platform for connected services


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Scania Group Press Release  /  September 29, 2017

Fleet management, driver support and financial services. Those are some of the offerings that are available to fleet owners and drivers through the new digital platform Scania One – enhancing efficiency in their everyday work.

Earlier this year Scania presented a new digital market place – Scania One – that allows fleet owners and drivers to access, administer and purchase Scania’s connected services in a single platform. Launching first of all in Germany, the platform will be rolled out to more European markets in the coming months.

“Scania One is a way for us to help our customers with their digitalisation processes,” says Håkan Schildt, Director of Strategy and Business Development.

Digitalising service offerings

At the time of the launch a limited set of services will be available through the platform, such as Scania Fleet Management and driver services, but the platform will continue to evolve to include more services in the future.

Scania One is based on communications technology giant Ericsson’s software. It is designed to meet the varying needs of customers and drivers related to trucking operations, transport assignments or simply according to personal preference.

Enhancing efficiency with connected vehicles

With more than 250,000 connected Scania vehicles, Scania One provides coherent and simple access to efficiency-enhancing services.

“We have been very successful with connectivity and over 90 percent of the rolling five-year fleet in Europe is connected,” Schildt says.

“Through digitalisation there is a tremendous potential to eliminate waste in the transport system,” says Henrik Henriksson, President and CEO of Scania. “This is about creating value. And connectivity is needed since the fill rate of trucks in Europe only averages 60 percent. That isn’t good for the environment and not good for our customers.”



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