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Data-Driven Intelligence from Thermo King Refrigeration Units


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Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT)  /  September 28, 2017

ATLANTA — Thermo King is making it easier for fleets to make use of the data from their refrigeration units by shipping its Precedent reefers already equipped with its TracKing asset management system.

The intelligent reefer system allows fleets to monitor and analyze refrigerated operations to ensure temperature compliance and improve uptime. While it's previously been an option, now Precedent reefers will come from the factory already equipped with TracKing -- all the owner has to do is contact Thermo King to activate the subscription-based service, explained Gayatri Abbott, Connected Solutions product manager, in an interview at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show, comparing it to the way SiriusXM satellite radio comes in new cars, but customers have to activate a subscription.

Thermo King’s Connected Solutions offer users a robust, secure platform that collects and aggregates data for a large number of mobile assets, such as location, reefer temperature, ambient temperature, fuel levels, battery charge, open doors, and other data.

While TracKing has been an option for many years, Abbott explained, the adoption of the technology has skyrocketed in the past couple of years, thanks in part to new regulations requiring more accountability in the food chain, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

Access to real-time data and diagnostics is useful for fleet operations, dispatch, planning, and maintenance personnel. Access to the data also enables Thermo King dealers to serve as advisors.

"The less I physically see my assets, the more I want to know," Abbott said. With the way indsutry and regulatory trends were going, she said, "we reallized TracKing needs to be on every unit."

With in-cab and in-yard access via the Thermo King Reefer mobile app using Bluetooth, drivers can manage cargo temperatures, monitor the reefer and respond to alerts all within the cab. Similarly, in-yard access makes it even easier to prepare reefers for trips ensuring that they are fueled and alarm-free.

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