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Graco Unveils Electric Grease Jockey Pump


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Transport Topics  /  September 28, 2017

ATLANTA — To provide an alternative to manual lubrication, Graco Inc. unveiled its new electric grease jockey pump at the inaugural North American Commercial Vehicle Show.

The state-of-the-art device, featuring rugged construction, a data management system and low level signal, aims to achieve greater productivity for staff handling equipment and maintenance.

Also, it offers in-cab feedback, integrated controls, and NLGI #2 compatibility at a price point in the $3,000 range. Multiple mounting and plumbing options are available.

“Why even have that truck wait for a half a day, because most of the fleets are having a shortage of mechanics and technicians,” Dan Jensen, global product marketing manager with the lubrication equipment division, told Transport Topics on Sept. 28. “If a truck came off the road and they had a guy with a grease gun ready to jump on it, that’d be one thing. [In] most cases, they don’t.”

Earlier this month, the Minnesota-based manufacturer of fluid handling equipment added the new A4000 Reciprocating LubePro oil and grease pump to the LubePro series of automatic lubrication pumps.

“With the launch of the A4000 Reciprocating LubePro pump, we now offer a full portfolio of single-line parallel solutions,” Andrew Gerlach, the company’s industrial lubrication equipment product marketing manager, said in a statement Sept. 22. “Additionally, our engineering team designed a creative mounting solution that allows for easy installation.”


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