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Scania gensets in Dubai’s largest port


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Scania Group Press Release  /  August 16, 2017

DP World’s Flagship, Jebel Ali Port in Dubai is one of the largest container port worldwide. It has handled over 14 million TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent unit) in 2016. DP World’s core business is all about handling containers, and the company has more than 36,500 employees worldwide.

DP World uses RTG – rubber tyred gantry – powered by engines from Scania. An RTG is a mobile crane that moves containers to trucks or to storage pending further transport once they have been unloaded from the large cargo vessels. It can be compared to playing Tetris – the right container in the right place in order to facilitate the logistics flow and optimise further transport. The cranes are most often powered by diesel generators – gensets – which are needed for these operations.

“The RTG goes from lifting extremely heavy loads to no load at all and back to the heavy lifting every minute, making reliable gensets a must,” says José Manuel, Crane Supervisor at DP World.

With the new Scania powered gensets, the company can just keep going without worries. So far, they have operated 5,000 hours over eight months. That means they are running 24/7 with only short stops for service. “With Scania, we use one hundred percent of the RTGs power.”

Since DP World itself works with flexible solutions and ensures that its cranes can adapt to the varying flow of loading and unloading as well as adapting to the movement of small tractors, the company foresees continued cooperation with Scania.

“We have tailor-made this solution for DP World,” says Charan Joseph D’souza, Al Shirawi Enterprises, which for nearly 40 years has been the distributor for Scania trucks, buses and engines in Dubai.

RTGs powered by Scania engines have performed faultlessly, which is positive as repairs are both time-consuming and costly.

“Uptime is not an issue when we are using Scania engines,” says José Manuel.

Cranes operated by non-Scania engines will now also receive Scania engines.


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