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Engine miss after coasting


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I got a 2006 CXN613 with a Mack engine and if I go down a hill and don't touch the accelerator I get a miss at the bottom. Will usually go away in around 2-3 miles. If I touch accelerator at all it won't miss. No check engine light comes on and brought to the shop and they said it had two stored faults for turbo actuator that were old and didn't think it was them. Drove truck a week and then went back to shop and no new faults showed up. Anyone have any suggestions.

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Experienced it on our Elkaholics Unanimous bus...... 6.6 liter Brazilian Ford mechanical diesel. At deceleration the governor racked fuel to zero. I put a chrome straight pipe pointing out the passenger side 1/2 way down the chassis. Engine was in perfect tune, had it running like a top for Montana Elk trip. We were rolling through the Beartooth Pass, went into zero fuel and engine over speed downhill for minutes, powered into pedal and had 10' fire bursts shooting out the exhaust hitting dry pine overhangs. Had to change our game plan, started teasing easy into the pedal to get pistons hot again before throttling, fireballs stopped.  

I never saw that in an ASET AC engine, '06. Never saw electronic engines go cold either, they have logic. I'd be tempted to put injectors in it. Unseated tip bleed up? CCRS are a real hag about air. How many hours on the injectors?


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Truck has 389,000 miles on it and he only uses it to haul corn to the elevator. Where we live there is no big hills such as mountains. Longest hill around might be 1/8 mile and it does it on that. Not all the time but when we test drove it this morning we had to drive about 30 minutes before it acted up. If you even touch accelerator it won't do it. The owner did say that on occasion when he shifted he noticed that the tach would jump up. Otherwise truck runs absolutely perfect. Hate new technology more than anything.


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