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Swap Meet KD517s

Keith Pommerening

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Picked up two KD517 and a DU RAY.

The more shiny one is from my A-40.  Lense is amber and has 1960 on bottom rim and no other marking.  Has "stepped" sides.  Has KD517, PAT and 12461 enbossed on top of housing. There was a rubber gasket the light sits into on the truck, extremely brittle.  Cloth wrapped wire.

1. Paid $35 for black one.  The amber glass lense says KD517 on top and has 1960 on the bottom.  Also have "SEMA APPROVED" on both lense and housing, Has cloth covered wire and "stepped" sides.  Housing has K-D517, APPROVED SEMA, and A??D124618. embossed into it.

2. Paid $10 for silver one.  Red plastic lens has LS334 on it.  Housing  has KD517 and SAE P embossed into it.  Looks like ss steel but not shiny.  Non "stepped" sides.  Plastic coated wire.

3.  DU RAY was also $10.  Just a nice looking red glass lensed light.  Plastic coated wire.  

When comparing the DU RAY to KDs I noticed a couple quality things.  All had cork gaskets under lenses.  KD had ss screws and DU RAY had steel.  The KDs had brass where screws entered bases, DU RAY were just plain steel bases.

Fun afternoon at swap meet was finished off with a Walleye fish feed with friends--GOOD DAY!

Thanks,  Keith


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