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NOx readings


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Working on a 2012 MRU613 mp7 with non-catalyzed system. I have a constant returning code of SPN 5246/FMI 0, SPN 4094/FMI 18. Replaced def doser nozzle. checked egr valve for flow while unplugged. (has slight flow) Checked diff sensor and checked ports for plugging. Not plugged. I can perform a regen and codes become inactive. Truck will return within a few days with same issue. Just replaced Nox sensors due to updated part number and road tested unit (max hill grade is 15%) while monitoring Nox readings. Nox intake always showed 0 and Nox outlet varied between 236 to 510. Anybody have an idea on what the Nox levels should be?

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Troubleshot for 4094 code. Monitored while performing regen and towards the end of the regen the Nox levels were still at high 200 to low 300. Recommend  removing the egr cooler and insp?  

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