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Iveco scores at Nürburgring


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Iveco Trucks Press Release  /  June 3, 2017

The Bullen of IVECO Magirus step again on the podium with two third positions and finish second in the Team ranking

The Nürburgring is in a class of its own. Despite the usual Eifel weather of wind and rain, over 100,000 truckers and truck enthusiasts enjoyed a thrilling weekend that saw the “Bullen of IVECO Magirus” team and their three vehicles compete once again.

The "Bullen von IVECO Magirus" step on the podium again with a third place earned by Jochen Hahn – Team Hahn – on Saturday’s first race, followed by a third position for Gerd Körber – Team Schwabentruck – in the second race of the day.

The “Bullen of IVECO Magirus” are now in second place in the overall team ranking, 5 points behind the first position, and Jochen Hahn defends his third podium placement in the drivers’ ranking.

Before the start of the race, tribute was paid to a special anniversary: precisely 30 years ago, Gerd Körber of Team Schwabentruck first climbed into a racing truck. In spite of his truck’s 750 hp engine – an impressive output at the time – he still only finished in fourth place.

Nowadays, Gerd Körber and Jochen Hahn rely on a powerful 1200 hp IVECO Cursor 13 engine. Both drivers were under extreme pressure – after all, they are well known names in Eifel: Hahn is the current European Champion and has held the title numerous times in the past, while Körber, also a European Championship winner several times, is famous as a trusted member of the Schwabentruck team, from its very beginnings to this day.

The first – and rainy – day of the home fixture on the Ring turned out to be one of mixed fortunes for the Bullen of IVECO Magirus: in qualifying, Jochen Hahn settled down into pole position, but soon faced pressure from behind and finished the race in third place, while Gerd Körber crossed the line in eighth position.

In the second race, starting with inverted starting grids, collisions were non-stop right from the first bend. Thrilling clashes and a wealth of shredded plastic kept the spectators on the edge of their seats. After a well-fought race, Gerd Körber beat teammate Hahn to the third spot on the podium by a whisker – and was ecstatic with the result.

After qualification, Sunday’s starting grid saw Hahn take his place in the first row. Körber was in eighth position and was able to hold it all the way to the finish line, while Hahn, after a number of skirmishes, slid into seventh place.
As a result, both needed to be in the first starting row in the next and final race of the day. Due to an oil spill from an accident (during an interim race in another class), the track would have to be cleaned, but it proved impossible to manage this in good time. The decision was therefore taken at 17:00 to cancel the last race.

One of the main attractions at the IVECO stand was a Stralis XP Limited Edition – one of only 124 in the whole of Europe – that was developed to celebrate a collaboration with the Abarth-Scorpion team. The New Stralis XP with its traditional red and grey Scorpion colour scheme was a reminder of the successes of the legendary Fiat Spider 124 rally vehicles and the newly released "Abarth 124 Rally Selenia". A Stralis and a Eurocargo will be responsible for the racing team's logistics across Europe for the next three years.


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