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KrAZ Gets Gold Medal at Agro 2017


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KrAZ Trucks Press Release  /  June 12, 2017

These are results of participation of Ukrainian truckmaker KrAZ at the most important agro-industrial exhibition of Ukraine Agro-2017. KrAZ earned the most significant award for newly designed MEZ-330 (mobile power source) based on the KrAZ-6322 off road chassis for agricultural sector developed jointly with National Research Centre “Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Electrification”.

The KrAZ-6322 base chassis is provided with PTO shaft, hydraulic equipment, additional linkage for plough and other agricultural equipment. The MEZ-330 tractor can be used in both transport and agricultural applications such as spreading fertilizers, working the soil, sowing, spraying crops, handling, etc. The first prototype exhibited was provided with body for spreading solid organic fertilizers that can be equipped with ploughs and other attachments.  

Workshop Future Development of Mobile Power Sources in Ukraine has been conducted as part of the exhibition, where representatives of NRC “IAEE” and KrAZ gave talks about creation of various special vehicles based on KrAZ chassis. According to doctorial candidate of the Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Electrification Mr.Sergey Pogoreliy in charge of MEZ project, newly designed product will enable to replace the KhTZ-17221. Similar solutions are applied in Germany where such tractors are based on MAN and Mercedes-Benz chassis. It was noted that KrAZ tractor is cheaper as compared with foreign-made tractors Fendt-936, Massey Ferguson-7926 and domestic-made KhTZ-17221.

Those present listened to report delivered by farm manger Mr.Zadorozhniy from Vinnitsa region who uses 9 KrAZ trucks instead of tractors for plowing, sowing, working the soil, etc. He emphasized that KrAZ vehicles are more fuel efficient and easier in maintenance, offer reduced operating costs and affordable after-sales service.

On completion of the workshop attendees checked out the MEZ-330 based on the KrAZ-63221 exhibited at NRC “IAEE” stand. Here KrAZ and NRC “IAEE” have been awarded the highest award, gold medal in category Mobile Power Source for Agro-Industrial Sector.


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