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RT Mycock in the mix for Range C durability


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Transport Engineer  /  June 6, 2017

Buxton-based concrete supplier R T Mycock & Sons has taken delivery of its first three Renault Trucks Range C 8x4s, citing durability, off-road performance and weight handling as key factors in its decision.

Supplied by dealer JDS Truck and Van, of Manchester, the 32-tonne Range C430, C480 and C460 with high bumper all have aluminium Bay-lynx Newman volumetric mixer bodies and join RT Mycock’s 17-strong mixed fleet.

The operator has ten volumetric trucks and, says managing director Kevin Mycock, “the Range Cs are out-performing the rest”.

He adds: “They’re durable, the high bumper gives excellent ground clearance, they can handle the weight and the automatic gearbox is great – the drivers love them. A further Range C430 6x4 has also gone on the road alongside a ’64-plate’ Range K460 8 wheeler.”

Supplying up to 10 cubic metres of concrete mixed freshly on site, with the ability to change the mix at any time during delivery, the lightweight aluminium Bay-lynx volumetric mixer gives R T Mycock a one-tonne advantage over a standard steel body.

RT Mycock’s service manager Michael Barr says: “The vast majority of our volumetric mixers are on Renault Trucks chassis, the mounting brackets are all in the right places and the chassis plugs straight into our body.”

R T Mycock financed the purchase of the trucks and maintains the fleet in house.


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