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Heritage Truck Show keeps wheels turning

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Owner/Driver  /  May 23, 2017

Another year, another brilliant Heritage Truck Show! The best part about historic truck shows? You won’t meet a more passionate bunch…

The 2017 Heritage Truck Show played host yet again to an impressive array of vintage trucks and memorabilia, giving the public a glimpse into bygone trucking days.

Despite the torrential rain forecasted, on the day you couldn’t spot a cloud in the sky and this elevated the mood for all – especially people wanting to showcase their shiny bangers!

One truckie stopped Owner//Driver and told us he didn’t even bother washing his truck because he assumed it'd pouring.

"Mate take a photo on the other side, I thought we’d have a tonne of rain to wash the dust off!" he joked.

The event saw nearly 150 trucks roll into the Rocklea Showgrounds, from B-model Macks through to a schmick looking old Oshkosh.

President of the Heritage Truck Association Trevor Davies talked an enthralled audience through each trucking relic as it made a lap of the race course – you won’t meet a bloke who knows his vintage trucks better, that’s for sure.

"We’re big into collecting old trucks…for the preservation and to see that this equipment is kept alive for the younger generation to see," Trevor told Owner//Driver.

"It looks as though we’ve got a big line-up of trucks to get through for the day and we’ve packed the showgrounds right out."

Trevor’s wife Phyllis, Secretary of the Association, kept the event running smoothly throughout and made sure everybody felt welcome.

"It’s a very good turnout of vehicles considering people were a bit scared of the rain," Phyllis said on the day.

"We also had a couple of new items there we didn’t have last year like the tank and the dragline.

"All of our people are great; everyone gets along so well at these shows and it’s such a friendly atmosphere."

The weekend was made possible by volunteers at the Heritage Truck Association Australia and the event sponsors including Brisbane Isuzu, Brown and Hurley, Cat Trucks, Daimler and Western Star.

Photo gallery - https://www.ownerdriver.com.au/events-news/1705/heritage-truck-show-keeps-wheels-turning

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