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50 Scania Trucks added to current 182 Scania fleet


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Big Wheels Malaysia  /  May 18, 2017

With almost four decades of experience in the transportation industry, Teo Tuan Kwee Sdn Bhd (TTK) knows what works best so it says a lot when the company has opted to buy another 50 Scania trucks to join the existing 182 Scania trucks it already owns.

Operating a predominantly Scania fleet, TTK specialises in services such as palm oil tanker transportation, bonded lorry tankers, cargo transportation and container haulage and this is one of the largest ever orders in Malaysia from the Swedish company.

“The vision is for TTK to become an outstanding and reputable logistics company in Malaysia and Singapore in next 5 years,” said TTK director Teo Chee Ben (张志敏) in Johor Bahru when receiving the latest batch comprising 26 units of the Scania G410LA6x2MSZ truck.

Teo said the Johor based company selected its trucks based on the criteria of quality and high uptime, adding that the decision to buy more Scania trucks was also because of the good maintenance service provided.

With its latest acquisition – facilitated by Scania Credit – TTK is also the first company in the southern region to acquire the Scania G-series trucks, which it will be using for its long-haul operations.

The hardworking G-series can be configured to suit a huge range of applications – from long-haulage and distribution to the toughest off-road jobs – while providing powerful performance, fuel economy and safety.

“We are proud to be a partner of TTK for its long-haul operations and for the long haul. It is investing in the total operating economy that Scania offers to create the best profitability for our customers,” said Managing Director, Scania Southeast Asia, Marie Sjödin Enström.

“This is achieved through Scania’s sustainable transport solutions,” added Marie.

TTK’s new trucks also come with the two-year free Scania Maintenance package, two years of free 24/7 Scania Assistance and a ten-year free Fleet Management System (FMS).

The FMS is activated via a communicator that comes standard with the Scania trucks enables operators to achieve up to 10% fuel economy, collecting data on board Scania trucks that provides valuable insight, tracking and diagnostics into the driver and vehicle behaviour. This can bring significant benefits in increased uptime, improved safety and reduced operating costs; especially if coupled with Scania Driver Training and Scania Driver Coaching.

Just minor adjustments to an experienced driver’s habits can result in fuel savings of up to 10% with the information acquired while keeping a constant speed can significantly improve fuel economy and reduce maintenance costs. Scania’s smart data collection makes this quick and easy.


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