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Revis goes for gold with Volvo FH tractors


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Transport Engineer  /  May 16, 2017

Haulage firm Revis of York has taken delivery of 25 Volvo FH 6x2 tractors with lightweight mid-lift axles – the first of a 35-unit order.

The factory-fit axles were key to the decision, says the operator, as is the Volvo Gold R&M arrangement through dealer Crossroads Truck and Bus.

The latest additions to the Revis fleet all have 500bhp engines and Globetrotter cabs. They are supplied on a three-year contract hire and are transporting bagged fertiliser to farms across the UK.

“This deal with the Gold R&M agreement means we know where we are,” says director John Revis.

He also rates the service from dealer Crossroads: “We’re delighted with the support we receive and are especially appreciative of the service whereby the trucks are collected on Friday evening and returned to us at Saturday lunchtime. We don’t lose a moment’s uptime and our six-weekly inspections, servicing and any repairs are simply not something we really need to think about.”

The new trucks are expected to cover 160,000km a year and are on the road five days a week. “Running at 44-tonne most of the time, our operation is weight critical and the new axles really help us in this respect,” adds Revis.

With the vehicles operating on anything from motorways to farm tracks, vehicle robustness and versatility is a must: “The farm tracks can be a big ask, but the new Volvo FH 6x2 tractor units are just perfect across all the conditions we face,” he says.

“The I-Shift is far and away the market-leading automated gearbox and personally, I can’t see it being knocked off its perch anytime soon.”


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